Introduction to Sundy

Sundy Land Investment Co., Ltd. (Sundy Corporation) is a listed company of Sundy Group, with its headquarters located in the central area of Hangzhou CBD. Learn More

Project Overview

Cooperated with Quzhou Government, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Sundy Corporation invests in the Global Food Safety Innovation Demonstration Zone Project in Qujiang District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, focusing on the headquarters economy, high-standard demonstration production and agricultural functional service support. With the concept of green ecology, international standards and technology integration, Sundy Land Investment Co., Ltd. will provide innovation services for agriculture industry, and create a modern smart agriculture demonstration zone. Learn More
Global Food Safety Industry Development Platform Learn More

Industrial Distribution

Global Food Safety Industry Development Platform The Global Food Safety Standard Service Base Station Project proposes a “126” spatial development pattern, which is to build an industrial layout of “One Center, Two Zones, and Six Villages”. With the Global Food Safety Innovation Demonstration Project as the main task, a demonstration zone with food safety standards and modern agriculture standards will be established for the development of rural area.
  • Headquarters Economy

    R&D Building
    Testing and Certification Building
    Education and Training Building
    Comprehensive Service Building
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  • Innovation Demonstration Zone

    Rice Breeding Zone
    Integrated Farming of Rice and Fish Zone
    Lotus Exposition Park
    Functional Crop Planting Zone
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  • Functional Service Zone

    International Intelligent Agriculture Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Rice S&R Service
    Chinese Rice Exhibition
    High-Quality Organic Ranch
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