International Intelligent Agriculture Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Function: Park Smart Management, Agricultural Production Service, Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Reception Service Main Projects: Intelligent Agriculture Management Center, Agricultural Industry Service Center, Food Safety Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base, Reception Center, Urban Agricultural Research Center Development and Operation Mode: Park Management and Reception (Enterprise Leading + Professional Service Provider), Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Investment Invitation+ Agricultural Production Service Investment Invitation

Rice S&R Service

Function: Rice Research, Seedling Cultivation, Rice Drying and Storage Main Projects: Rice Drying and Storage Center, International Breeding Center (Tissue Culture Experiment, Modern Regulation Greenhouse, Acclimatization Field, Seedling Field), Research Institution Cooperation Base Development and Operation Mode: Improved Varieties Introduced by Research Institution + Outsourcing Service Support

Chinese Rice Exhibition

Function: Rice Cultural Creation Display, Farming Culture and Science and Technology Display, Lotus Culture Display Main Projects: Chinese Rice Cultivation Museum (the evolution history of Chinese rice culture), East China Rice Exhibition Center (the farming evolution in East China, the history of agricultural development in Quzhou), Farming Experience Room, Global Food Safety Paddy Field Economic Exhibition Hall, Lotus Culture Center Development and Operation Mode: Corporate Cooperative Brand Display + Outsourcing Operation Service

High-Quality Organic Ranch

Function: Organic Farming Pasture, Circular Agriculture Demonstration Main Projects: Organic Farming Area, Agricultural Product Processing Point, Organic Fertilizer Processing Point, Organic Farm Brand Hall, Green Organic Planting Base Development and Operation Mode: Brand Enterprise Investment Invitation

Dream Farm

Function: Global Food Safety Field Agriculture Service, Supporting Rural Agriculture Service Main Projects: Global Food Safety Monitoring Station, Healthy Agricultural Products and Food Research Base, Supporting Rural Agriculture Service Station, Young Farmers Entrepreneurship Incubation Station Development and Operation Mode: Enterprise Independent Operation + Outsourcing Service Support